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Some of the famous people, my celebrities I have photographed this year.

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A year flies by.......... here are images to the story from April 2012 Ideal Home Show Mar 2013













Bryn Lucas on stage at the Ideal Home Show















Martin Blunos at the Ideal Home Show











Richard Phillips at the Ideal Home Show














Poggenpohl at the Ideal Home Show

Fashion Shoots


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Ideal Home Show  

Ideal Home Show

No one is more surprised than me at the variety this photographic journey brings along. From one day to the next, I find myself in completely different scenarios. I could be in The Camera Club with models, in the Grosvenor or the Savoy Hotel snapping the rich and famous, maybe at the top of a tower in Canary Wharf photographing the banking greats or drooling over the baked delights while shooting a product for Neff ovens. 

I guess last month was the biggest challenge and that was to photograph every stand on the Ground floor of the Ideal Home Show. Challenging to my aching body but, as the London Corporate Photographer, it brings everything together. Top brands are here like Poggenpohl, Virgin Media, O2 and Eon. The banks are represented and there is a catwalk where many of the studio models are showcasing the latest designs.




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March a big month for EventPics Wow it’s been a busy month!!!

After a night of fashion which I mentioned in my last post, it has been corporate through and through.

First, I packed my very heavy camera bag; it weighs about 18 kilos, my dinner suit, plus a few other essentials and popped up to Birmingham for kbb 2012, which is one of the biggest kitchen bedroom and bathroom shows in the world. My mission was to capture the grandeur and vibrancy of the stands for many of the exhibitors. I hope that when you take a peek at the pictures you will agree it was mission accomplished.

After kbb and the kbb Industry Awards (that was a long night!), it was back to London to head over to the BSH group and do a shoot for them.  A day of baking ensued as I snapped away at the many dishes being popped in and out of the ovens.  Not a mere morsel touched my lips, which was rather hard to bear as it all smelled wonderful!!!!

More images here,

Keeping to the corporate mood, the next day I headed off to Moon Beever, a firm of Solicitors. What a lovely group of people they were. I couldn’t help but notice that the men were all over six feet and the women were probably under five. Is this a legal thing?  I don’t know :) 

Once I had made friends with the crew at Moon Beever, it’s always good to have a solicitor or two on your side, I trundled off to the Ideal Home Show at Earls Court. I arrived during the opening ceremony which was a right royal and celeb packed occasion, as you can see from the pictures.Payson Cheer 2022-23_photo_SteveGray-241


Well that’s it for now. To follow are some very interesting shoots so pop back soon to hear all about it :)


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A night with Danish Wakeel
Spectacular Show from Danish Wakeel showcasing his new collection -

Draped Modern Kouri


Designed exclusively for men, “Draped Modern Kouri” is a collection inspired by the concept of drapes, traditionally worn by men in the form of togas, frock coats, kilts, Indian dhotis, sarongs, caftans etc.

A modern take on these traditional items, this collection fuses street style with classic tailoring.
It appeals to me in particular as it sits alongside my new art project MenArt with its own dedicated website which is in development. MenArt is again inspired by drapes and uses different materials entwined with nude male form to create photographic art.

A sample of the collection and pictures of guests attending the spectacular event at One in Leicester Square, London can be seen here:




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New Look  

New Look


For those of you who are regular visitors, I hope you like the new look!

This website is dedicated to weddings, portraits and all things corporate, and my other new site is where I will be exhibiting fine art photography of the male form. The new site is in development but feel free to take a peek.

Last week took me out to HSBC for an interview with one of the magazines I work with,  Credit Today and to the Ringtone Boxing Club in Euston.

This picture is one of the first from the boxing shoot. There are many more to follow and you will be able to see them on my Facebook page,

I regularly post collections on Facebook, so please pay me a visit now and then



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London Fashion Week It’s London Fashion Week and I will be out and about taking pictures at Danish Wakeel’s Closing Show of London Fashion Week tomorrow night and then LDW’s FW/12 Fashion Show on Thursday.  The week kicked of with a model shoot to show of some of Danish Wakeel’s outfits.

Matt G-3887 Matt G-3882 Matt G-4017



[email protected] (Graham Martin Photography) Bridge Gabriel Graffiti London Male Matt Model Tunnel Tue, 21 Feb 2012 11:43:22 GMT
Aspire Photographic Training  

Aspire Photographic Training


To be a good photographer and make sure one does the very best for their clients is not just about going out and taking as many pictures as possible. One has to keep up to date with the business of one’s art as well. No better place to do this is at Aspire Photographic Training.

I have just come back from four days with Aspire and my head is buzzing with ideas to bring to my business and to my customers.

Whilst up in Cumbria with Aspire, I managed to fit in three photographic shoots. One was with a lovely family of four, one with a teenager breaking into the world of modelling and the last was with a lovely young couple in love. This picture is one of the first of many that I would like to share with you. The gorgeous little girl was part of the family who were so much fun to photograph.


[email protected] (Graham Martin Photography) Aspire Family Girl Little Portraits Shoot Mon, 20 Feb 2012 08:46:01 GMT