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Terracotta Art is the first of a series of pictures depicting Living Statues. It is a collaboration between three artists. The Models are Riley Tess and Siane Meadoes and of course I am the photographer.

This set was photographed on the banks of the canal in Hackney Wick. Much to the excitement of the locals. There is a lot of artistic nudity in this set so please proceed with caution.
Terracotta Art Jan 13-4826_HDRTerracotta Art Jan 13-4835Terracotta Art Jan 13-4836Terracotta Art Jan 13-4839Terracotta Art Jan 13-4840Terracotta Art Jan 13-4851Terracotta Art Jan 13-4861Terracotta Art Jan 13-4867Terracotta Art Jan 13-4875Terracotta Art Jan 13-4930Terracotta Art Jan 13-4930-2Terracotta Art Jan 13-4941Terracotta Art Jan 13-4952Terracotta Art Jan 13-4958Terracotta Art Jan 13-4967Terracotta Art Jan 13-4968Terracotta Art Jan 13-4972Terracotta Art Jan 13-4978Terracotta Art Jan 13-4987Terracotta Art Jan 13-4990