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Modified 30-Oct-19
Created 29-Sep-11

As the East London Wedding Photographer, Graham's Photography was delighted to take pictures for Tony and Kelly.

The wedding made me proud to be East London's photographer as, on a limited budget, Kelly managed to design a wedding that would sit comfortably in the pages of any wedding magazine.

Her wedding dress was beautiful as were her flowers, The Roles Royce drove them to one of the most popular wedding venues, Langton's House where the light filled the room with optimism and romance.
Tony and Kelly-7970Tony and Kelly-7999Tony and Kelly-6696Tony and Kelly-8001Tony and Kelly-8004Tony and Kelly-6739Tony and Kelly-6759Tony and Kelly-6762Tony and Kelly-6769Tony and Kelly-6792Tony and Kelly-6795Tony and Kelly-6801Tony and Kelly-6808Tony and Kelly-6809Tony and Kelly-6810Tony and Kelly-6843Tony and Kelly-6851Tony and Kelly-6855Tony and Kelly-8054Tony and Kelly-6863