Most people come to this part of EventPics website because they or someone close have lost a loved one and are thinking about photographing the funeral or cremation. If that is you then let me explain a little about what we can do.

Saying goodbye to someone is not easy, often life is a blur and there are so many emotions running riot. So much so that much of this difficult period passes you by in a haze leaving you with many empty spaces in your thoughts and unanswered questions about the day. A way of helping bring some clarity is to have someone photograph your funeral day for you. The pictures are there to look at when you are ready, in your own time. Not only will they help you remember, they will prove invaluable for showing future generations a moment in time in the family’s life.

Utmost discretion is taken while taking the pictures. It is not about documenting individuals' grief but about documenting the occasion, the bringing together of families that have often not seen each other for many years. Emotions are captured from afar. Often the photographer is barely noticed. A pre funeral meeting is had and guidelines agreed to make sure all are comfortable with the arrangement.

Pictures can be supplied, printed on a disk, presented in a luxury folder or an album of beautifully printed pictures can be produced.

Prices start at £350.00 for a beautifully presented disk. Albums are available for £200.00 upwards and individual needs can be quoted for.
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